Simple tips for getting the most out of your LinkedIn page

The social platform has over 590 million members, 3.2 million company pages and infinite ways to connect. But if your profile isn’t robust and engaging, it might be a good time to revisit and refresh your presence!

If you’re a business professional, you can’t afford to miss out on the opportunity to build relationships with potential customers, clients, partners and associates – it’s a powerful audience for you to interact and influence others!

Try giving these five simple but essential tips for getting the most out of your LinkedIn page.

Write a compelling summary

When visitors first land on your LinkedIn profile, a box displaying your profile highlights fills the screen. Given the importance of first impressions, the information in your ‘profile’ should be complete, current and optimised.

In essence, your ‘pitch’ captures what value your company offers in only a few words. This is the boiling down of all of your brand’s benefits, identity, offerings, and capabilities into one statement.

Use a professional image

This is your very best opportunity to make a great first impression and is essential to attracting new connections. Your profile picture should be 400 by 400 pixels and your background should be 1400 by 425 pixels. No professional photo? No credibility.

Join and participate in LinkedIn groups

The ability to network with people in your industry is valuable, time saving and massively impactful to your potential reach – especially if you can do it at the comfort of your desk or mobile phone! LinkedIn groups are a great way to connect with people in your industry, share insights and build relationships that could grow your business.

Once you find a relevant group to join, start by introducing yourself, engaging in discussions and sharing your content and solutions where relevant. While building relationships and learning are obvious benefits of participating in LinkedIn groups, you also get the added perk that all groups you join are displayed on your profile.

List your work history

If you don’t list at least two past positions, your profile won’t be considered as ‘complete’, which can mean missed opportunities to be discovered by prospective clients. Make sure to detail each role in depth and use keywords that will resonate with your target markets.

Give and receive recommendations

This aspect of your profile is a great way to demonstrate competency through written referrals by past and present customers. Even if you’re new to LinkedIn you can request recommendations for any position listed on your profile!

Like skills and endorsements, you should also provide recommendations for others, but only for a small group of people who have earned them.

With these essential parts of your profile complete, you have started to build and maximise your presence all in a short amount of time. For additional tips on how to improve your LinkedIn profile, check out our ultimate LinkedIn profile success cheat sheet below!


Build your linkedin profile infographic

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