MSV: Lead generation campaign on LinkedIn and Facebook

MSV Consultancy is a relatively young IT services provider. In 2 months we:

  • put them on the radar of thousands of local businesses
  • gained coverage in major local and regional press
  • secured a regular spot in the local newspaper column
  • wrote, submitted and won a major IT industry award
  • produced 5 videos and 5 press releases, a E-Guide
  • boosted their social media with increases of up to 300% impressions, over 1700 mentions, and increase in followers of between 50 and 1145%

A lead generation campaign targeted at their defined audience with lead magnets and lead nurture process is achieving:

– LinkedIn:

  • 13,200 reach
  • 98 hits to landing pages
  • Click through rate up to 0.98%
  • £5.67 CPC


  • 75470 reach
  • 352 hits to landing pages
  • Click through rate up to 0.82%
  • £1.11 CPC

The successful April/May lead generation campaigns boosted LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter engagement by 40%, 139% and 419% respectively and is on target to achieve up to 15 leads a month.

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