Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Lead Generation through Social Advertising

The key to capturing new business through lead general on social media is designing and implementing winning strategies across social advertising channels. When your entire ‘cradle-to-grave’ strategy is successful, the potential for quality lead generation is significant.

The Results Are Clear

Changeworks implements cutting-edge lead generation strategies designed to increase business growth. Across a variety of platforms, we help brands grow with the application of high-quality and well-proven lead gen methods across social advertising.

B2B Lead Gen Campaign

A lead generation campaign targeted at a defined audience with lead magnets and lead nurture process is achieving:

– LinkedIn:

13,200 reach
98 hits to landing pages
Click through rate up to 0.98%
£5.67 CPC

– Facebook:

75470 reach
352 hits to landing pages
Click through rate up to 0.82%
£1.11 CPC

The successful April/May lead generation campaigns boosted LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter engagement by 40%, 139% and 419% respectively and is on target to achieve up to 15 leads a month.

B2B Lead Gen for Recruitment Drive

Cost per click (CPC) of £1.11 achieved 52 quality applications, 758 views, a CPC of 63 pence for a cost of 9 GBP per application.

5,263 impressions, 183 clicks, 39 engagements, 21 leads (form completed with email)
Giving an overall cost per lead of £3.98

The increase in reach was at least seven-fold plus the campaign more than tripled engagement rates and generated a 6 per cent increase in new followers.

Our Approach to Designing your Lead Generation Campaign

When designing a lead generation strategy through social advertising – whether on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram – it is key to both improve on and implement tried-and-true methods across all stages of the lead generation and nurture funnel. Our focus on high-quality content, buyer psychology and strong offers will determine what works and how we can attract, nurture, and convert customers.


Actionable results come from clear objectives. We work with you to understand what your needs are – whether you want 5 or 15 leads a month, higher engagement levels, greater awareness – we help you clarify these goals so that you know what success looks like

Target Audience

When it comes to getting measurable results, the most important starting point is knowing your audience. We also work with you to understand where your customers are on their buying journey – their level of belief, level of sophistication (both of your product/service and of the buyer), and their level of awareness and readiness to buy. All these factors will influence the type of approach that will get you the results you want.


Often, the reason that a campaign fails to achieve its objectives is that the offer simply isn’t strong enough. If your product or service is a simple/low commitment purchase all the buyer may need is a link to your page. However, for more complex B2B purchases the customer may need to be ‘nurtured’ through a number of valuable offers to make the end commitment to your brand. For example, a free webinar to learn how to do something may then lead to a free consultation or a free month’s service.

Lead Magnets

To be successful, your brand needs to deploy content initiatives that attract attention encourage response from your target audience. Choosing the right lead magnet can massively increase your opt-in on landing pages and click-through rates on your posts. The right lead magnet will be different for each campaign but could include free eGuides; toolkits; quizzes; webinars and downloads.

Lead Nurture Process

Increasing opt-in rates means having a planned process to nurture your leads, and can lead to a large, positive impact on sales. Understanding the prospects journey from seeing a social advertising post to making a purchase is vital. Then having a contact strategy to help move them along the buyer-decision process will ensure that your initial conversions are turned into valuable and loyal customers.

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