Digital PR

Digital PR

There is a lot of competition for content and plenty of people trying to write it. Now it’s more important than ever to produce newsworthy content that high-authority publishers will write about. When each publisher links back to your brand as the source, that authoritative link is the ‘backlink’ on which Google thrives. Backlinks are Google’s most important signal when it comes to ranking your site, yet many businesses have never used them. Now more than ever Google wants trustworthy, quality, expert content. That’s why we offer insightful, knowledgeable, well researched pieces.

Building Publisher Relationships Through Research and Quality Content

Through hours of building relationships and a reputation for PR expertise, Changeworks has established a strong network of publisher relationships. Now writers and editors trust our content and regularly reach out to us for stories and news.






Journalists Love Our Content

Top editors trust our content enough to simply cut and paste it direct from our copy. They regularly ask us for content because they know they can rely on newsworthy, well-researched stories.

“Over several decades in my role as an editor on logistics trade journals I have dealt with many public relations consultants, including the good, mediocre and god awful. I count Changeworks among the best.”

“Changeworks has specialised on the logistics sector. They have, therefore, a good grasp of logistics issues across a variety of players in that market. Their writing style was always crisp and free of excruciating puff.”

“This sounds very interesting indeed. I would be very keen to receive an article on this subject”

Our Digital PR Gets Published

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