Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Whether you need content to educate and inform buyers, or content to attract and engage new audiences, our background in sales, marketing, design, and psychology ensures we produce effective content for your brand that leads to action and results.

How We Create High Quality Content

  1. Objectives – actionable results come from clear objectives. We work with you to understand what your needs are – whether you want 5 or 15 leads a month, higher engagement levels, greater awareness – we help you clarify these goals so that you know what success looks like
  2. Target Audience – when it comes to getting measurable results from content marketing, the most important starting point is knowing your audience. We coach our clients to look at each segment and develop customer avatars that help in targeting the right people. We also work with you to understand where your customers are on their buying journey – their level of belief, level of sophistication (both of your product/service and of the buyer), and their level of awareness and readiness to buy. All these factors will influence the type of approach that will get you the results you want.
  3. Ideation – by spending time on researching and understanding all these things about your target audience, the right ideas for content strategies naturally come up. But we take a measured approach and test ideas wherever possible before launch.
  4. Production – we have a creative process and a production process that consists of clear process and labelling through each of the draft stages
  5. Client Review and Development – you always input and sign off any work we do for you before it goes to campaign stage.

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